Section 5.9.


Article 5.9.1.
The Bookkeeper position is a position retained as outside services and is retained by the Board of Directors in accordance with authority contained in Bylaws, Part 4, Clause
The Bookkeeper shall carry out the directions of the Board of Directors, whether issued orally or in writing, and shall be supervised in the performance of duties by the Finance Director.

Article 5.9.2.
The Bookkeeper shall carry out all policies and instructions developed by the Finance Director.
In consultation with the Finance Director, the Bookkeeper, shall: plan and manage the financial affairs of the organization.

Article 5.9.3.

  1. Prepare financial statements, balance sheet, profit and loss with budget and year to date comparison, A/R listing and vendor payments list for monthly meetings.
  2. Post receivables, enter payables as received, authorize and get authorization from necessary individuals, print checks, acquire signatures, pay within due dates (approximately 200 checks per year from 500 invoices).
  3. General journal entries, depreciation, miscellaneous income.
  4. Reconcile bank an investment accounts per statements (monthly, quarterly and annually). Update reserves Board Report from financial statements.
  5. Accounts receivable: dues invoice (approximately 400) sent out by December 31st at latest. January 1st date, due January 31st. Board determines dues amount after CPI announcement (October/November) usually at December meeting. Prepare account statements for monthly payees and for all accounts with balance outstanding on February 1, May 1, July 1, October 1 and with Annual Dues Invoices. Invoice late fees and account receivable charges (approximately 250 per year). Refer to Policy Statement #7. Invoice service income (approximately 10 per year).
  6. Prepare and distribute monthly payroll for 3 to 4 employees. Prepare and report 941 deposit by the 15th of each month. Prepare payroll reports an 1099s and W2s.
  7. Attend meetings as required (additional time to be billed out as extra time).
  8. Provide information to the Board of Directors as needed.
  9. Maintain all accounting files in accordance with law.

Article 5.9.4.
The Bookkeeper shall submit a report on any subject when requested to do so by the Board of Directors, President or Finance Chair.

Article 5.9.5.
The Bookkeeper shall be paid by a flat rate from the Community Club for the proper execution of the authority and duties of this position.  The amount shall be set by the Board of Directors.
Section 5.7. may be changed by the majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors present at any meeting properly constituted to do business.
Section 5.7. in its entirety shall be considered a condition of contract of the Bookkeeper and shall be reviewed from time to time by the Board of Directors.