July 2017 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

This was a successful month for minimizing water loss in the distribution system. On July 7, a major leak was repaired at the south end of Beach Ave. Then on July 18, a second major leak was repaired on the north end of Beach Avenue. Since the repairs, our distribution flow is significantly reduced indicating that August's percentage of water loss will be even less. 

We are on track with preparations for our Sanitary Survey, scheduled for August 25.  

Although we do not have a definitive repair solution, we are working on a plan to repair or replace the Marina barbecue which was damaged this month. 

The new dock gangway is complete and Doug Cash was instrumental in delivering it to the Marina. Installation will be scheduled at the soonest opportunity.

At the Cabana, we have installed hand soap dispensers in the bathrooms, and a new volleyball net has been ordered.

Water Usage

Pumped: 644,630    
Backwashes:  80,850        
Net pumped: 563,780    
Flushing: 5,000            
Net to distribution: 558,780    
Residential meters: 416,470                                
Unaccounted for water: 142,310                
Percentage of loss: 22%

June 2017 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

This month is it was apparent there was a leak(s) in distribution system, and we have progressively been conducting leak detection throughout the system. On June 22, we repaired a leak on Scenic Ave. due to pitting corrosion. In the beginning July we identified and repaired a major leak at the south end of Beach Ave. However our pumping rates are still high and leak detection continues.

We are working with Ferguson to connect our existing distribution meter to a new flow chart recorder. This will be an important element of our leak detection program.

The aluminum ramp has been confirmed and scheduled. It will be about October when the ramp is ready for delivery. Installation will be coordinated at that time.

The marina asphalt project has been approved. We are attempting to coordinate paving repairs so as not to interrupt crabbing season activity.

Isaac completed 3-day training course for WDM Level 2 exams.

We are preparing for our Sanitary Survey which will occur in August.

There was a question about the May 2017 water usage report. The way we figured the numbers was double-checked and correct. May showed a loss of 23%, which is in line with the previous month (April) of 20%.  

Water Usage

Pumped : 644,950    
Backwashes: 67,650          
Net pumped: 577,300    
Flushing: 5,000            
Net to distribution: 572,300    
Residential meters: 299,600                                
Unaccounted for water: 272,700                
Percentage of loss: 48%

May 2017 Operations Report

Operations Report


Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

Received the second dock ramp bid by Mantle Industries. The fire department requested we install a 4 foot width gangway instead of 3 feet. This is $189 more for the aluminum gangway, not including options, delivery, or installation ($3,309). A final decision is pended other incoming bids.

I have completed certification for Cross-Connection Specialist (CCS). Isaac will be attending WDM Level 2 exam review June 28-30.

We installed the new CL17 chart recorder. We are now looking into upgrading the water flow chart recorder.

The DOH Water Use Efficiency Annual Performance Report for 2016 was filed. This reports a 16.4% system leakage which is a huge improvement over previous years.

There was minor vandalism at the Cabana bathrooms on Sunday, May 28. Both “Men” and “Women” signs were ripped off the doors.


Water Usage

Pumped                                   423,800          

Backwashes                             56,100                      

Net pumped                            367,700          

April 2017 Operations Report


 Water Usage

Pumped                                   346,700          

Backwashes                             49,500                     

Net pumped                            297,200                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

We have had some minor vandalism at the marina. We have locked everything up for the week.

The docks have beeninstalled for the summer

The roof on the clubhouse has been completed.

We will be starting to paint the decks and railing at the clubhouse this summer.

The training continues . Isaac has passed his first test, is preparing to attend training in June and take his level two tests this summer. I have recommended he also take the training and the test for cross connection control specialist this summer.


March 2017 Operations Report

Operations report for March 2017


Water Usage

Pumped                                   377,920      

Backwashes                             51,150                      

Net pumped                            326,770                                                                                                                                     

The docks will be deployed Monday, May 1 and Tuesday, May 2 due to tidal conditions. The boat ramp will not be available to members on those days.

Chart recorder for the CL17 failed. New chart recorder is $1000 plus shipping and handling.

Isaac set to take his exams at the end of the month. As Department of Health requires a shift position to have 12 months experience, LISECC will need to inform DOH that we intend to apply for a waiver before John retires.

Kevin is scheduled to take the Cross Connection Control test at the end of the month.

Kevin's telephone is dying, he will need a new basic flip phone.

February 2017 Operations Report

Operations report for February 2017

 Water Usage

Pumped                                   328,240          

Backwashes                             46,200                       (x 1650 gals per backwash)

Net pumped                            282,040                                                       

Both Kevin and Issac are signing up for the tests by Doh We have a residents questionnaire ready after Kevin takes the CCCS test.

We are finishing work on the docks. We can remove the dock deployment as a category as the expense for that work should be minimal.

We continue to work on making the water usage data more consistent but I have located several problems in data collection that cannot be over come. We read the source meter at 7:00 am ant the pump meter when the pump shuts down In addition the pump meter is including the water being consumed during the pump run. That amount varies considerably especially on weekends.



January 2017 Operations Report

     Operations report for January 2017

Water usage                            

Pumped                                       378,200

Backwashes                                  52,800

Net pumped                                325,400

The water loss is still out of whack.  We had the source meter tested and it is operating 100 %.  The pump meter in the treatment plant appears to be running at 100 % and yet the two meters do not match. This month is different. We had a huge service line break between the meter and the cabana at the treatment plant during the freeze. We were able to get an accurate number of lost gallons because of the low residential usage and the leak. The lost water is almost exactly the difference in the two meters. We have never been able to pin point the size of a leak before because leaks grow and we cannot estimate the volume of water.  We have had months where we have been to measure the loss without leaks and we lose approximately 50,000 gallons a month. We have talked about this and those are good numbers.

There is a new training session that has started here in Bellingham. It appears to be an informal training by a retired trainer that has moved to Bellingham and is providing training on various issues periodically. There do not appear to be CEU’s awarded but one of the subjects is Water Use Efficiency. I think the training will be at the Whatcom Education Credit Union, a three hour session on a Saturday.



December 2016 Operations Report

Operations report for December 2016

Water usage                             

Pumped                                       373,500

Backwashes                                  51,150

Net pumped                                322,350

We have cancelled the test for the source meter several times this month. We have rescheduled for Jan 26th.

We have found an unusual amount of water usage dating back to October 2016. It is Division 4 lot 37 at the intersection of Hales Passage and Scenic Avenue. The owners have built a small cabin but the water is just a farm shutoff at the road. (A hose bib)  Also the owners haven’t been here for some time and have not used water. The amount of water is 160 gallons in October

We have had several leaks due to freezing. All of them have been on the residential side of the water meters.

Kevin will be attending training at the end of the month. It is for cross connection control specialist. We have to have a CCCS staff or be able to contract for one from outside LISE. We will also need to have a staff certified for back flow assemblies testing. This training goes hand in glove with the CCCS training.  We have been ignoring the state law that says we have to have a certified specialist mainly because we haven’t needed one up until now.

We had six kids (teenagers) on top of the storage tanks. We are reviewing our security options and updating our signage.




Operations Report November 2016


Water usage                             

  • Pumped  375,000 
  • Backwashes  49,500
  • Net pumped  325,500

Source meter                               

  • Flushing  5,000  
  • Net to distribution 320,500
  • Residential meters 243,660 
  • Unaccounted for water 76,840
  • Percentage of loss 24 %

The leak loss is once again misleading. I have had a leaking valve for some time and finally replaced it at the end of the month. Due to the low usage this fall I have been able to estimate that the leak was a total for the month of November approximately 25,000 gallons. That leaves us with 50,000 gallons loss for 28,000 feet of main. Those are good numbers

Someone dropped off three washing machines on Scenic Avenue last month on Scenic Avenue and  after two weeks they disappeared. 

The source meter in the vault was tested on December 13, 2016. We have had it recalibrated.
The reservoir is at overflow. That is a bit early but not out of the ordinary. 


Operations Report October 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 410,000
  • Backwashes 69,300
  • Net pumped 340,700
  • Source meter Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 335,700
  • Residential meters 241,640
  • Unaccounted for water 99,060
  • Percentage of loss 28% 

We finally repaired a leak on Hales Passage that has been a problem all summer. There are no shutoff valves in the area to isolate the leak and I have been working on a solution all this fall. Finally we were able to install a new blow off valve. 

The Whatcom County Health Dept. has changed the availability form to include the building permit number. 

Someone dropped off three washing machines on Scenic Avenue last week. 

I am having the water meter in the vault tested next week. The test cost is $525.00 the warranty has expired on all but the register. A new meter is $1935.00 and a replacement head is $1800.00 we should keep this meter as a backup and purchase a new meter.

Operations Report September 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 433,750
  • Backwashes 79,200
  • Net pumped 354,550
  • Source meter 467,240
  • Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 462,240
  • Residential meters 282,000
  • Unaccounted for water 180,240
  • Percentage of loss 39%

The dock wheels ended up costing $4,000 for the four saddles. That is higher than I had planned but the weight involved made us change from steel to aluminum which added 20% to the cost. The good news is that the dock wheels will pay for themselves within three years. This year we took five hours getting the first dock out of the water and had to wait till the next day to get the second dock out. Joe Smith came to LISE and worked two days helping pull the docks.

Kevin will be attending a free training session in Anacortes on October 20th. It is being put on by the Department of Health and is for filtration.

The double doors at the front of the clubhouse continue to a problem. We were repairing the base and the pin inside the lock jammed. We had to remove the lock and now will have to put a deadbolt in.

The Pax mixers in the storage tanks are giving me some surprising results. I now have a stable dosage, and will be watching as we go through the temperature season to watch for changes.

The first of October is a huge time for us in the treatment plant. This is the end of the third quarter and we service and calibrate all the meters, pumps, injectors, etc

Operations Report June 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 419,600
  • Backwashes 56,100
  • Net pumped 363,500
  • Source meter 491,400
  • Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 486,400
  • Residential meters 314,380
  • Unaccounted for water 171,560
  • Percentage of loss 35%

We now have two price quotes for re roofing the clubhouse. A copy of each has been added to board reports.

Dock wheels are proving to be a huge problem. We realized there are issues with the ramp if we use steel wheels. We need to spread the weight out as much as possible. I am looking into UHMW or Delrin rollers. The other possibility is a wagon with rubber tires.

The first of July is a huge time for us in the treatment plant. This is the end of the second quarter and we service and calibrate all the meters, pumps, injectors, etc. in the first of July We do have one 71/2 HP motor that sounds like bearings going out. I will be asking Glenda to establish and account with Industrial Electric before I take it in. We have a complete preventive maintenance schedule in place.

We have had some residents using huge amounts of water this June. These are not problems or leaks; it has been watering of plants and grass. We work on maximum daily demand, not average monthly usage.

Operations Report May 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 474,600
  • Backwashes 52,800
  • Net pumped 421,800
  • Source meter 430,820
  • Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 425,820
  • Residential meters 307,780
  • Unaccounted for water 118,840
  • Percentage of loss 27%

The sweeper broom has died. I’ve researched owner’s manuals and possible parts and there is very little out there even on eBay. Our sweeper is now called a vintage model. The closest sweeper to what we have is $4,500.00 plus tax but free shipping. Anything bigger presents a problem in transportation from the maintenance shop to where we are using it and anything smaller doubles our time sweeping.

I got a quote from Hytech roofing for a TPO roof for the clubhouse. I had planned on just tarring the roof again this year. I called several roofing companies and I couldn’t get anyone else to even submit a bid. Also Hytech is the best at TPO roofing. $17,500.00 plus tax we have to look at the accessibility to the roof by kids if we put the new roof on.

I have talked to the Pax storage tank mixers. After taking several years telling the board we need to circulate the water in the storage tanks, and waiting for the Department of Health to be here and look at it, I have been able to prove out the problem with the storage tanks. I have submitted the disinfection ratio for the last month and high lighted the changes. We will need two mixers (one for each tank) and the total price will be $20,000.00 If the board approves this expenditure I will get the rep to give us an exact quote. (I think we have already set this money aside from reserves) There will be extra costs, ie new conduit up the side of the tank and wiring. I’ll find out if Pax does this work or not. The changes in temp also cause our byproduct issue and mixing will go a long way to eliminating that issue, part of which is stratification.

I am continuing to conduct our own lead and copper tests. We have results back from 14 houses with no problems. I anticipate conducting a total of 25 by the end of the month

Scott Elliot of LISE made contact with Wayne Chaudiere of Lummi Island who is a Resource Specialist with the Whatcom County Conservation District. Wayne is a fire wise specialist with the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program for Whatcom County. We will be discussing the work so far in LISE for the firewise program and what to do to keep this program moving forward.

Operations Report April 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 399,200
  • Backwashes 47,850
  • Net pumped 351,350
  • Source meter 357,900
  • Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 352,900
  • Residential meters 277,030
  • Unaccounted for water 75,870
  • Percentage of loss 22%

We have started taking lead and copper tests. The test we will be taking for submission to the state is scheduled for August. I am going to take 20 or 30 from full time for our investigation and then start working on part time owners. The testing lab needs to get the samples on Monday or Tuesday, and the part time owners want to go home Sunday night. I need the sample taken Monday morning.

We had a major leak in a cabin on Island Drive. The owner is in California and it was a bit hard contacting her, there are renters in the cabin, so we didn’t want to just shut everything off . Also we didn’t know who was going to complete the repair. By the time we got done it was about 40,000 gallons.

I brought photos of the swim lake algae bloom. It’s ugly. We have had those same blooms in the reservoir but not in the last several years. We do run the pump back up until late June and that does circulate and aerate the reservoir.

The docks are in. We didn’t have a crane to assist us this spring, but putting the docks in is far different than taking them out. We did hire Joe Smith for one day to help and that really made things easier. We are waiting to see where we should install the ladder Tim brought out.

If the weather holds we are going to tar the clubhouse roof in late June.

Operations Report March 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 363,700
  • Backwashes 51,150
  • Net pumped 312,550
  • Source meter 321,650
  • Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 316,650
  • Residential meters 230,470
  • Unaccounted for water 86,180
  • Percentage of loss 27%

We have completed all the necessary welding on the boat docks. We will be putting the docks in the water on May 9th and 10th. We have not been able to get a suitable crane to the island so we will be using our own equipment for the launch. Luckily we are putting them in the water, not taking them out.

We will start lead and copper testing next month. Normally we test five locations in a reprehensive pattern throughout LISE. This year we will be taking five samples from one neighborhood getting the maximum coverage for several areas.

We have completed a dechloronation chamber for the waste water. We will be testing over the next month to determine the correct dosage of tablets.

I have been working with Carlson Steel to build a dock cart. They will come to LISE this summer and hopefully I will be able to get a quote or at least a ballpark number before the AGM.

Operations Report February 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 327,000
  • Backwashes 32,480
  • Net pumped 294,520
  • Source meter 285,720
  • Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 280,720
  • Residential meters 212,270
  • Unaccounted for water 68,450
  • Percentage of loss 24%

We have still done nothing about the flat tire. We are running on the spare.

Mark Henderson from Washington State Department of Ecology came out and completed an inspection. There isn’t anything to inspect but he did ask that we change our reporting procedure slightly. We now identify the days and the volume of our backwash for every day, and the number of backwashes. The more interesting part was the discussion concerning dechlorination of backwash water. The limits of allowable chlorine in backwash are being reduced every year. The good news is it shouldn’t be too difficult to put in a unit. Mark is sending me further information.

We had a small problem with water meters. A resident decided to wash his car with the neighbor’s hose. Unfortunately the owner of the hose is an absent owner who is in Arizona for the winter. Oops. He had his meter shut off but the shut off key was right there. We put a lock on the meter for the owner of the hose. Luckily the offending resident who is a renter moved out so we are not expecting any further problems.

The backhoe repair is growing. The mechanic showed me where the master cylinder and the two slave cylinders are leaking, which was the primary cause of out trouble in the first place. We are changing to have Pape do the repair work on the backhoe instead of the company in Lynden. The cost is about the same and the service is excellent.

We are still having trouble with the final turbidity. The trouble is not significant. It is more fine tuning. I have had the engineer from Wilson Engineering out (this engineer is a recent addition to Wilson Engineering and came from Tacoma water system and knows filtration. Also I have the Hach representative here to look at the turbidity meters. So far nothing. It is looking as if we have too clean of water to start with and second we don’t use enough water in the winter months. It’s a good problem to have to work on.

We received our Water Quality Monitoring Schedule for 2016 and the requirements for this year are less than we budgeted for 2016. I am suggesting we conduct additional tests even though they are not called for by the state for this year

Operations Report January 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped  402,200
  • Backwashes 51,150
  • Net pumped 351,050
  • Source meter 381,130
  • Flushing 6,000

Recorded loss

  • Net to distribution 375,130
  • Residential meters 222,180
  • Unaccounted for water 152,950
  • Percentage of loss 40%

We have had one of the heaviest rains this spring. The reservoir is past overflow as is the swim lake but we have not experienced any significant erosion. We have had to dig several drains to meters that are under water.

We need to add a column to the budget for water meters and billing. The costs are minimal now but the electronic meters were purchased in 2011 and after 10 years the warranty is prorated.

The water leak review proved to be a success. There were approximately 10 small leaks, most of which we were already aware of but there were two larger leaks which we have already repaired. Both of these leaks amounted to 20 days of leak in February. That means next months percentage of loss should be at 50,000 gallons. (If we are right.)

The backhoe is scheduled to be taken in for brake repair the last week of February. All water main distribution system will be hand digging until then.

Operations Report December 2015


Water usage

  • Pumped 503,040
  • Backwashes 51,150
  • Net pumped 451,890
  • Source meter 467,850
  • Flushing 5,000

Recorded loss

  • Net to distribution 462,850
  • Residential meters 227,360
  • Unaccounted for water 235,490
  • Percentage of loss 49%

The reservoir is at overflow.

Utility Services has completed the leak detection survey for us. They located 10 small leaks on service lines and at blow offs, but there were no leaks in any of our mains. There were several areas that we had no way to check primarily due to location and we were able to confirm no leaks in those areas. The most important line is the transmission line from the treatment plant to the storage tanks and that line is in excellent shape with no leaks.

As a result of the leak survey we have begun chasing the found leaks. It takes a bit of extra time due to right of way permits, locates, etc. I anticipate reducing our lost water another .5 gallons a minute.

The Department of Ecology, Office of Dam Safety sent their final report of their inspection this last summer. There are no significant actions needed. There are some additions suggested but no actions required.

Dave Carpenter has retired from Wilson Engineering. I have asked Brian Smith who is a new engineer with Wilson to come to LISE for a review of our system. Specifically, we are experiencing filtration treatment problems and Brian previously worked for the city of Tacoma in filtration. In addition it will be beneficial to have Brian familiar with our system. I will want to review several areas we will want to work on in the future.

Kevin will be attending a training session the first part of February, and I will be attending training the end of March.

Operations Report November 2015


Water usage

  • Pumped 552,400
  • Backwashes 49,500
  • Net pumped 502,900
  • Source meter 528,370
  • Flushing 0  

Recorded loss             

  • Net to distribution 528,370
  • Residential meters 200,400 
  • Unaccounted for water 427,970
  • Percentage of loss 62%

The reservoir is at overflow

We had a large leak this month that also caused erosion problems on Hales Passage this month. It took some time to complete repairs and the second leak we have located had to be postponed for repairs for another week. That leak is at the junction of Scenic Ave, Hales Passage, and Hummingbird. We are anticipating problems completing repairs as we will have to shut off a large portion of the north loop main. Also the main in that location is deep and the excavation will be sloppy.

We don’t have a good estimate of the amount of water lost due to the leak, but it clearly shows that one leak in a small system like ours skews the numbers terribly.

Utility Services are scheduled to come conduct their leak detection review on Dec 28, 29, and 30th. 

We are finishing our maintenance program for the year. It’s not a major project but we start the year out in 2016 with a complete calibration, servicing and cleaning of all treatment equipment and conduct a servicing program every three months. This saves us a huge amount of down time for unexpected repairs.

Operations Report October 2015


Water usage

  • Pumped 665,700
  • Backwashes 51,150
  • Net pumped 614,550
  • Source meter 460,320
  • Flushing 5,000

Recorded loss

  • Net to distribution 455,320
  • Residential meters 250,740
  • Unaccounted for water 204,580
  • Percentage of loss 45%

The reservoir was at minus 6 feet at its lowest point this fall. With the heavy rains we are now at minus 4 feet.

I reported that the CL 17 chlorine meter at the storage tanks has been reporting sensor alerts. We
thought our maintenance had eliminated the problem but the alerts have begun reading again. We will now start out maintenance program again but I will contact Hach our manufacturer for a written quote for purchase and installation.

I contacted Utility Services in Burien for a quote to come to LISE and conduct a collocate leak detection of our system. The cost is $1,205.00 a day. We are anticipating three days to complete an inspection of the entire system, and there will be two nights hotel additional in the quote. The normal leak loss averages 50,000 gallons a month, which is very good. We located and repaired one leak on Beach Ave, and located two others on Hales Passage. The location is a small problem and we have to wait for a locate before we start digging. Those two will be finished next week.